Friday, September 23, 2011

Outdoor Kitchen Design

Outdoor Kitchen Design
Outdoor Kitchen Design

The kitchen has an open character can be a challenge and choice to bring your own display area is it’s diverse and dynamic. Open kitchen can be an option. With a kitchen is also the owner can eliminate boredom when making the dish.

In addition to relieving the stress of an open kitchen concept designed to show the heat to the environment or reduce tropical regions Truman. In fact, an open kitchen design for use in households in Indonesia is appropriate.

The excess of the design concept of the kitchen is a place to cook and eat together in one place and not separated by a wall or barrier, a more intimate atmosphere can be erected. Of course, this also adds a sense of brotherhood that stronger.

In the open kitchen, is the things that should be considered the smell of food that can be distributed in the room of the house and bring the smoke particles to clothing, carpets can be fixed. Of course it can also cause the smell of food.

So, if you have an open kitchen, you do not choose a location to the room which is connected to the house, you want to create close. The distance to the main house must also be considered carefully, especially if we to a court that could lead a very strong smell, like stay, fried chicken and others.

Lighting techniques are not for an open kitchen forgotten. Although direct sunlight, but the kitchen with this design still requires a number of very bright light concepts. On the other hand, if the inhabitants of the house is the kitchen at night. Choose light colors of white light, especially in the kitchen, cook and store food ingredients.

As for the dining table and chairs, lighting could create other colors such as yellow, an impression of a romantic. In the meantime, in order to increase the dramatic atmosphere of the outside wall lights dimmed or yellow-red in color.

The kitchen is open more often used to bring a less formal setting. For tables and chairs, simple design can be selected. Avoid using drills or recorded in order to reduce the impression of casual and intimate.

Hygiene issues have also received much attention, because if it is dirt and debris, the view from the metazoan or if you have a meal can be easier. It is good in this kitchen broom and trash can be placed so that the room cleaning easier and faster.

It's just putting up a broom and lay waste can not be seen directly with the position of the eyes. If this happens, of course, was that a clean kitchen is the value of beauty and beauty to be reduced. Interested in creating an open kitchen design?

Outdoor Kitchen Design
Outdoor Kitchen Design

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